2M2 Magic Tank Generate TOY48 Key for Toyota

Problem: There is no TOY48 key blank for Toyota
Solution: Use one super key blank to generate TOY48 key (outer & inner groove) by 2M2 Magic Tank

The newest 2M2 Magic Tank APP will release in September 2020. All the old or new users can enjoy the advanced feature- Only need one super key blank can generate 99% keys (laser/standard keys). Learn more related upgrade info, please refer to the previous article 2M2 Magic Tank 2020 Newest Upgrade: One Super Key Blank Generate 99% Keys

Now start to see how to generate TOY48 key by 2M2 Magic Tank.

What you need:
2M2 Magic Tank key cutting machine
2M2 Magic Tank APP with newest version
Android phone

Connect 2M2 Magic Tank cutter with mobile phone via Bluetooth
Run 2M2 APP
Select [Generate key model]

It will show the instructions: Universal key material can customize various key blank/new key.

Select key region: Japan and key model: TOY48

Then follow the instructions to operate:
Fix universal key material on the left, the end of key (marked with green line)
Aim at the end of (mark with blue line) Tighten the screw
Fix the key on the left
The key must be flat between the grooves.

Cut the front side of the key

Cut the back side of the key

Cut the left side of the key

Cut the right side of the key

When finish cutting, clean the key
The TOY48 key has been cut by 2M2 Magic Tank successfully

Video reference:

V2020 2M2 Magic Tank automatic car key cutting machine with Database without battery (UK ship No Tax):