2020 New 2M2 Magic Tank Key Cutting Machine User Guide

2020 2M2 Magic Tank will release its newest APP which optimize the operation interface and add new functions. The Generate Key Model function is unique and advanced which other key cutting machine doesn’t support in the world. Just use one super key blank can generate 99% keys.

For understanding clearly, let’s learn something about car key firstly.
Part 1: Vehicle key structure
A key consists of remote, chip and key embryonic.
Part 2: Key blade type
1.Flat key/standard key
2.laser key (Laser key inner/outer groove)
3.Laser key single side
4.Round key (FO21/TEB1/TIBBE)
5.Special key
HU162T (New VW/AUDI)
TOY2 (New TOYOTA single cutting)

Part 3: 2M2 TANK key cutting machine (X6 PLUS)


Note: The standard accessories don’t incl. Ford/ Jaguar FO21 clamp and output battery

-2M2 APP software
Tank APP only can be used on Android system, and IOS is developing…
Main functions:
√ Cut by bitting
√ All key lost
√ Find bitting
√ Generate key model
√ Create keys by camera
√ Customize key data
√ Universal key duplicate
√ My key
√ Settings

Cut by bitting: read/ input gear cutting

– Decode key by machine with the original car key

Where to get code?

– Watch key teeth by eyes with the original car key

– Search code by instacode

– Decode by LISHI 2 in 1

– Disassemble lock

All key lost/ search code:

You can search the find the code from cylinder

Select the corresponding function, input code and car model, and press [Search Code] to find the car key info

Find bitting:
You need to use this function in the following situations:
1.There is door key and need to make ignition key
2.Some teeth numbers are damaged
Enter car model and cuts number, then press [Finding code]

Universal key duplicate/Key copy:

You should make new key depends on the track model of the key (need original key)

2M2 Super key blank/blade:

In conclusion, compared with other car key cutting machine, 2020 2M2 key cutting machine comes with compact and light appearance, has the best price with high quality. It’s the only key cutting machine which can use one super key to generate 99% key models in the world so far. Besides that, it’s very easy to use with the corresponding operation instruction in the APP.