BMW Scanner 1.4.0 VS 2.0.1 VS 2.20 K+Dcan

Every BMW owner knows BMW Scanner series, especially BMW Scanner 1.4.0 car diagnostic tool for its low cost and high efficiency, do all kind of stuff including very easy coding. Here I would like to make a comparison between the three popular devices, they are BMW Scanner 1.4.0, BMW Scanner 2.0.1 and BMW Scanner 2.20 K+Dcan.

Vehicle models they support:

I know 1.4.0 supports models:

E38 (7′)

E39 (5′)

E46 (3′)

E53 (X5)

E83 (X3)

E85 (Z4)

and 2.0.1 supports:







BMW Scanner 2.20 k+Dcan supports the same models, or it support more earlier moddels like 1.4.0. and that is the difference between 2.0.1 versus 2.20 k+Dcan in function range, coding ant etc. 2.20 k+Dcan to work on newer models need to remove pin 8 from obd connector,

Some info got that here is the quote from a BMW thread:

“Since 2006/03, BMW use” Dcan”, means that diagnosis use no KL15, so as GT1, need to change the OBDII cable.

The old OBDII cable cannot use on cars which was assembled after 2006/03.

And Since SOP 2008/09, you must remove pin 8 then you can do everything.”


When I first used BMW Scanner 1.4 I fell in love from first time use until i started using more and more and i got disappointed with it (Incorrect Index)

When I first used Scanner 2.xx I always keep in Mind CAS – Bricking

When I first Used INPA-Suit i used DIS along with Progman….. Until i bought a Car just too learn how to code with INPA-Suit since CarSoft BMW messed up during Service Reset, and after a Week of Loading, translating, reading, trying I learned…. after few more cars I learned been faster.



2.x VARY Complicated

Both of them are limited.

Hope this helps.