DIY coding a used BMW LCM with BMW V1.4.0 PA-Soft scanner

You have to buy a new LCM (Light) in order to support some capabilities. If you want to buy a used LCM, you properly need to do some coding job. Cheap BMW scanner V1.4.0 scanner or NCS-Expert software will allow to access. Here is the coding example using BMW scanner.

What you need:

A cheap BMW V1.4.0 cable with PA-soft software (some models, like E46 may need 20-pin to 16-pin round connector as well)

A laptop running Win XP or Win 7 64 bit O/S


1) Plug the BMW scanner V1.4.0 into your vehicle’s OBD-II port and ensure that the system detects the cable.

2) Run software. Press Continue on the first popup you encounter.

3) After well communication is built, the PASOFT software will display vehicle information, like mileage, VIN, and options for your vehicle. Pay attention on the mileage (km) on the IKE.


4) Select “Units” tab from the menu and then choose “LCM module”


NOTE: You will need to determine the correct algorithm to use to code your new LCM. This is determined by the hardware and software revision of the unit.  You can find this information on the sticker on top of the unit.

5) Select “Change algorithm” button


6) Select “View support list” button


The BMWTNR column lists a part of numbers. Match up the part number of your LSZ the best you can.  If you find a match, then use the highlighted blue line of data to determine the algorithm to use.

MCU-IDNR is the algorithm you will need to select. If you can’t find a direct match, then use the Hardware and Software versions (the two must be identical to what’s on the unit) to find the correct algorithm.

Click “Close” when finished with your selection and use the arrows on the Change algorithm screen to select the correct algorithm.


7) Select “Reprogramming” button


8) Select “Write odometer” option


9) The next program will prompt you to enter the new mileage values under New odometer blank. Enter the new odometer manually.


10) Wait until the windows display write complete information. LCM coding procedure is completed


11) Exit the BMW PA-soft software and disconnect the BMW V1.4.0 cable