Budget Scan Tool Comparison: Autel, Launch, Thinkcar

This article is about to compare 2 mid-level and 2 lower-level budget scan tools. We’ll cover

Mid-level tools(around 1,000$):
Autel MaxiIM IM508
Launch X431 DIAGUN

Autel AutoLink AL539B
Thinkcar ThinkDiag

1.Autel MaxiIM IM508(1050$)
This is an immobilizer programmer and it has diagnostic controls.
We enter “Diagnostics”, try a GM truck, and it keeps asking me vehicle info. Just show you how many options you have with this.
autel im508

This is an awesome scan tool for the money because you can do immobilizer programming, plus you can do diagnostics. It’s a cable tool, and this may kind of limit you.
I think the screen of Autel is intuitive, and they’re very good with being responsive on the screen.
Some I haven’t tried but I was told that it basically will do key via dump, chip, key, version.

It can handle almost everything I need for Chrysler, Mercedes, BMW…You can add money to get IM508 with XP400PRO module, but not worth because we’re talking about budget scan tools.

2. Launch X431 DIAGUN(700$)
A pretty powerful tool for being the size of a cellphone.
Launch X431 DIAGUN

Special Functions.
Launch X431 DIAGUN Special Functions

IMMO is which I’ve reprogrammed keys with, but the problem is the IM508 will go through the gateway on a Chrysler but this needs to PIN.
The dongle, the DLC is not obvious, and it’s the Bluetooth. I have to put this around so I don’t forget it.

Data Stream. It has a massive amount of information. You can get access to any modules you have.

Reading on Demo is a little bit faster than in real life.
This is a Bluetooth tool. It’s nice because I can be outside the car, do whatever I want like an actuation test on injectors or cooling fans.

3.Autel AutoLink AL539B(180$)
This one does battery testing and multi-meter testing, and I’ve used it for two years.
Autel AutoLink AL539B

If I go somewhere where I need to do just a check code, simple testing, battery testing, this tool is amazing for 100 dollars. Problem is it’s basically a code reader.

Fire it up, super fast, that’s why I like it.

For around 100, I think this is a really good option for guys who just don’t want to get into too much and just want basic code reading.

4.  Thinkcar ThinkDiag(110$)
Thinkcar ThinkDiag

This is a surprisingly powerful tool for 100 dollars. Popular Bluetooth driver. It can probably be classified as far as data and pics with the two mid-level tools.

Alright, these might be useful for you diagnostic guys, nonetheless, this IM508 I would suggest a little more, because pf the immobilizer programming I’m thoroughly pleased with.

All above and more diagnostic tools are stored at:
UK Professional OBD2 Tools Online Shop