Free download ODIS 4.4.10 Post Setup 69.0.20 Launcher + License

Free download ODIS 4.4.10 Post Setup 69.0.20 Launcher + License which is working fine with VAS5054a interface and Vxdiag NANO VAS 5054.     Link 1 Free download ODIS 4.4.10 here: OS: win7 8 10 Vxdiag NANO VAS 5054:… Continue Reading

Autel Powerscan PS100 Feedback Yes and No

  Autel Powerscan PS100 sales at the price of 83.99EUR on and more than 200Pieces in stock. Autel Powerscan PS100 is worth to have after you read the following feedbacks. Image source:   Autel Powerscan PS100 Feedback 1: Ireadutomotive… Continue Reading

Which One is Better LAUNCH or AUTEL?

LAUNCH x431 scan tool vs AUTEL diagnostic tool: which is better?   Here you go.   Autel MaxiDAS DS708 vs Launch X431 V 8 inch Autel MaxiDAS DS808 vs Launch X431 V 8 inch Autel MaxiDAS DS808 vs Autel DS708 Review: Autel vs Launch   Autel MaxiDAS… Continue Reading

VAS 6154 vs VXDIAG VCX NANO 5054 vs VAS 5054A vs 5054 plus

Thread:  VAS 6154  vs VAS 5054A  vs 5054 plus  vs VXDIAG VCX NANO 5054   it’s aimed to help you choose the BEST VAG diagnostic tool.   Product Name VAS 6154 VXDIAG VCX NANO 5054 VAS 5054A VAS 5054 Plus Picture… Continue Reading

How to install Renault CAN CLIP V169 Windows 7 32/64bit

Renault CAN CLiP 169 Windows 7 how to install? This FYI of CLIP V169 installation… Here you go.   Note: It’s kind of different from installation of Renault CAN CLiP 169 driver software .  Please check your PCB board and… Continue Reading