Autel KM100 Add 2019 KIA Grand Carnival SXL Smart Remote

Autel MaxiIM KM100 successfully generates and programs smart remote to 2019 KIA Grand Carnival SXL.

All devices required:
Autel MaxiIM KM100 Universal Key Generator
Autel KM100 comes with VCI OBD adapter which has LED torch
Autel IKEY
Generate smart remote with Autel IKEY which has same buttons with original

Program smart key:
Connect VCI to OBDII port
If the VCI icon is red, it means no connected
If the VCI icon is green, it means connected.

Put the original key into the KM100 hole to read
Read out the IMMO type is HITAG 3 ID47 Manchester Code locked

Check frequency
The frequency detected is 433.92 MHZ FSK.

Select universal key>> Europe>> KIA>> CARNIVAL (YP)-2018>> CARNIVAL (YP) 2014-2018 433.92MHZ FSK ID47

Install battery to the universal key, then place into the key slot of KM100
Generating universal key…

Universal key generation is completed
Check chip and frequency generated universal key

Add more smart keys:
Go to IMMO>> KIA>> Automatic selection
Turn ignition on and press read VIN
The VIN number is shown, press OK

Confirm the vehicle info: KIA Carnival YP year 2019

Select Smart key
Scan immo status…
No any faults and number of learned key: 1

Read Pincode>> Read PIN (47 Smart key)
Turn on hazard light
Read PIN need more time, just keep patient to wait
The PINCODE read out is 593797

All keys will be deleted, please prepare all available keys.
All of old keys must be relearned in order to function properly
Turn ignition off and open and close driver door once
Confirm the pincode is correct
Read the prompt and press OK, keep touching the ignition switch for 5s with the top of the key until security light flash once
Program success, press YES to add next key
Repeat the last step to touch ignition switch with the new key
Program success, now the key number of the key: 2

Finally, test all remotes.
The left and right sliding doors are function.
The back door also works well.
Start the car OK!

It’s so easy and fast to generate Autel universal key with Autel KM100, only 60 seconds!
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