CGDI K2 Pre-order Sale: Support 96 Bit ID48 Copy No Need Tokens (Only 131 Euros)

CGDI newly releases a 2024 professional multi-functional smart locksmith key tool- CGDI K2.

It has the abilities to unlock/renew key, generate & copy key, and copy 96 Bit ID48 no need tokens, no annual fee forever. It will be a good choice for locksmith, etc.

cgdi k2 pre order sale 1


CGDI K2 Price:

Pre-order: €131 free shipping (Valid to April 5th)

The price will be 499USD after pre-sale. Don’t miss it now!

All pre-sale orders will be shipped out almost 2 months later.


CGDI K2 Function:

  • Read frequency
  • Identify Key
  • Copy key
  • Unlock key
  • Detect signal
  • Program/read/write MCU
  • Copy 96-bit 48-chip light-speed, no need tokens
  • Generate and copy key
  • Generate remote
  • Support Bluetooth and OBD (optional)
  • Support update online for free for lifetime, no annual fee


CGDI K2 Hardware Configuration:

  • Comes with the Android system, can expand various APPs, truly realizing one machine with multiple uses, and higher playability
  • Has built-in WIFI module, the software is updated online in real time
  • Uses an LCD high-definition display, which has the characteristics of smoother operation and clearer display
  • Has 4300mAH large battery capacity, and supports standby time over 7 days

cgdi k2 pre order sale 2


CGDI K2 Display:

cgdi k2 pre order sale 3



Q1: Does it work with Xhorse remote?

A: No. K2 only supports CGDI remote, will release soon.


Q2: Is it free and fast to copy the ID48 chip for an unlimited time?

A: Yes, free, no need tokens.


Q3: What is the optional meaning of “Bluetooth OBD (optional)”?

A: It means you can connect CGDI K2 via Bluetooth or OBD.


Available link to pre-order CGDI K2 Remote Generator:


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