CGDI MB Prog New User Feedback

CGDI MB Prog key programmer new reviews coming again!

Here we collected new user review of CGDI MB on the workable car model they made and their using experience. Here we go.



Hello friends, I have the cgdi benz and frankly the top for its price, I made 3 vito w639 and a sprinter w906 and frankly same key lost in 20 minutes walk very very well and without any nasty surprises

I have not yet the opportunity to test with w204 but apparently it reads and erase esl elv programming …



-In conclusion-does the appliance work well or is it another trash?

-works real good !




Hi w639 super good work and super fast tested by myself on two vito 2005 and 2006




I have test it.

W639 all key lost dont work

Eis reading but not support akl


W639 with working key in 10 min

In the end, attach some CGDI Prog MB/BMW test video:


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