CGDI Prog MB Test Feedbacks: Wins in Price and Speed

For CGDI Prog MB key programmer has led some hot discuss on forums. Many people will compare it with VVDI Prog. CGDI has 1/3 price of VVDI which make it become a good choice.

Here post some feedback of CGDI Prog which we collected from Car TechnoloGY Forum.



Sprinter W906 2010 report:

Adding key success by user on Sprinter W906 2010 with BGA key

Key add on car by OBD

Also W210 add key on bench with NEC key: Success.



Update from CGDI version 2.2

204 all key lost bug is really solved.

ELV function seem work OK.



Benz Monster has arrived and it looks good so far, It came packaged with a free opcom 1.95 which was a nice touch I also ordered some keys and they are top quality, look and feel like the genuine items.



Last week i doing EIS W203 on table.

I read HC12 by VVDIProg.

Then calculated keys CGDI MB.

I renew used (original MB) NEC key within adapter, then programming.

Key works.

All ok.

CGDI Prog MB to do W221


When i see price go up, that meaning tool become really good update after update.

I’m not saying tool is better than others, but for the thing it do (making key, spare or lost in CAN system) it is simple amasing fast and effecie.

ECU function will release later, one week? or some weeks? No one know yet.

New report from Japan friend:
W164 ML450 2009 spare key in 15mn all done.

From Canada:

W204 all key lost on bench:

40mn collect data, 10mn PSW calculation

He did with diagram connection i’ve made on bench.

CGDI Prog MB to do W221


Yesterday I did key x164 GL 2012.

All OK.

All done in 10-12 mn.



Hi Bros

I did my first in life Benz, it was W169/2010 and i out out password and added extra key btw. it was Chinese BGA 3 buttons from Anna, it taken about 10min. Great.


With all the feedbacks above, we hope you can find a good tool for car program.

If you have interest in this CGDI Prog MB, click here: