CGDI MB Replace ELV Simulator Step-by-Step Guide

After connected CGDI MB with car via OBD, turn to CGDI-MB software and click Read EIS Data


Click “Computer Password” -> “Collect Data”


Steps on collecting password:

Upload data

Query results

And then copy the key password


Back to “EIS” and pasta the key password which copied just now


Click “Save EIS Data”


Connect the ELV simulator and clip the K-line


Click “ELV” -> “Simulator”


After that, a window will appear.

Click “Read” and the simulator key information will display


Click “Erase”


Load the EIS data saved before and check whether the key password is correct


Click “Write”



Write ELV successfully, please insert key into EIS and switch ignition on for activation


Actual operation


Read simulator again, show activated, match successfully!