Step by step guide setup Bluetooth ELM327 OBD2 scanner on Win7/8

STEP 1: Find the 16-pin diagnostic link connector, or OBD port in your car. It should be located in the passenger or drivers compartment, under the steering wheel.


STEP 2: Turn on the Ignition key and then plug ELM327 Bluetooth scanner into the OBD port.


STEP 3: Click “Add a device” on your computer, and The Wizard will search for and display Bluetooth devices within range, including your ELM327 scanner.


STEP 4: Click on “CAN OBDII” (may also show up as “CBT”), and then click “Next” to go on.


STEP 5: Select “Enter the devices pairing code”, then “Next” and then input the pairing code that comes with your device.


STEP 6: It the pairing code matches, the Wizard will automatically connect to the obd2 scanner tool. Click “Close”, and your installation is finished.