How to Replace BMW N20 Engine Computer with CG-100 and CGDI BMW

In this blog, you will know how to replace BMW CAS3 N20 engine computer by CG100 and CGDI BMW.


Step1: use CG-100 to read engine ECU data

Click to enter “ECU”

Click on the engine mode option to enter the current vehicle

According to the software physical wiring diagram wiring

Writing engine module

Click ‘Read EEPROM’

Read successfully and save the data

Show ISN and VIN


Step 2: Use CGDI BMW to replace engine computer

Connect CGDI BMW with engine ECU via OBD, click to enter BMW ISN

Click “ Read CAS ISN “

CAS ISN read successfully

Input ISN Which was read by CG-100 just now

Write successfully, replace engine computer was completed