Cheap working fault code reader for Alfa GTA

Car model: Alfa GTA

What I want:

Want an all – in – one cheap reader which can only read fault codes without a laptop.

Optional scanners:

OBD2 Bluetooth with torque Pro App at €8

ELM327 Bluetooth at €9

U480 code scanner at €19

Autel scanner I.E AutoLink AL519 at €56

Note: the following tools are only for a partial car models reading and clear trouble codes simply, if you wanna go further for diagnosing, the best scanners advised are Launch X431, Autel scanner I.E ds708

Reviews on ELM327 OBD2 scanner

  • If you just want to read and/or reset the obd error codes, and you have an android ‘Phone, you can use “torque” in combination with one of the cheap Bluetooth obd adapters.
  • Bought one of those ELM327 obd adpators and use with a sony experience phone using torque app. It works really well and you can setup the displays as well to see how things are working. Only cost little more than £5 I am well chuffed with it, better than my obd scanner tool which is 10x more expensive and it has more info as well as live data.
  • Use one of the cheap Chinese ELM327 OBD adapters (with the orange/blue label) with mine, works fine.(for the ECU)
  • Just break off a resistor and it works a charm. It took me a few weeks to work out how to open it though. After trying to break into it with a knife and all sorts. There’s a hidden screw under the label.
  • Bought one of these the other day at, and worked great last night, told me the code, then gave a description. And then you can clear them.
    Well worth £9 and I used the torque app on android

mini-elm327-interface-viecar-20-scanner-1 elm327-bluetooth-scanner-a

Reviews on Autel scanner I.E AutoLink AL519

-My autel AutoLink AL519 at €56 connects fine to everything ive thrown at it. Use it at work for clearing codes once repairs are done.

-Just want to say thank you for your excellent service and much trained staff. You guys are really on the ball and deliver absolute customer happiness. Especially thanks to Joy ! Excellent job done helping a difficult customer! Have an awesome day!

Besides, someone use handheld u480 scanner and think it is cheap which works just fine for them.