Ford transit 2007 110 minibus code reader advice

I have been having problems with out 2007 110 minibus, so want to get a code reader but am a little bit confused which one is actually suitable for this one.

Optional advice and recommendations

1) Option one: Vcm2, elm 327 Bluetooth adapter or Autel AL519

Vcm2 is well worth the money.

VCM2 Ids is the best tho as it reads stored codes, all modules like engine, abs, srs etc etc and generally gives Ford specific codes which cheap ones will mainly give generic codes.



Most cheap code readers work on the mk7 for diagnosing codes related to engine management, i have a cheap elm 327 Bluetooth adapter that connects to my android phone using torque app.

I bought elm327 Bluetooth from:


I also have a 50 pound reader with lcd display Autel AL519 which is good for clearing engine fault codes.

2) Option two: VCM 2, Elm 327 or F Super

Unfortunately, it depends on what you call a proper answer. Also the goal posts have moved in the last year with the arrival of the ids clones for a cost not much more than a full tank of fuel.

For engine codes up to P1000 then an Elm 327 or F Super will read OK, and any other device that successfully communicates with the power train controller will. This is because those codes are fixed by international standards. Those same standards allow codes from P1001 to be manufacturer or model specific. I know the F-Super mk2 worked on my 2000 mk6 rwd TDDi but others appeared to have problems.

The best solution is the ids/vcm or ids/vcmii combination because it has the model specific stuff.

VCM2 can be found on ebay and on some of the obd equipment supplier websites eg.

This is from obd tool website technical support: Ford transit 2007 110 minibus code reader advice