How to read BMW fault codes with c110 code reader

Creator c110 BMW code reader v4.0 supports BMW from 2000 to 2013 years. And it can read trouble codes, clear trouble codes, displays live data stream, component testing, clear adapation and vehicle information.

Creator c110

C110 BMW code reader is readily available at most automotive retailers.

How to use BMW c110 OBD2 scanner read BMW fault codes?

First: Slide the key into the ignition. Don’t start your car or switch on the electrical system, just leave the key there.

Second: Connect the c110 OBD2 scan tool to the OBD port beneath the dashboard and steering column. You may have to feel around for it, but it’s a large outlet and you will not need tools to find it.

Third: Turn the BMW c110 OBD2 scanner on.

Fifth: Wait for the code to appear on the c110 OBD2 scanner, then jot the alpha-numeric code onto a scrap of paper before unplug the c110 scanner and turn off the vehicle ignition.

Creator c110-2

Finally: Copy the alpha-numeric trouble code into You will likely get a page of results that offer definitions for that particular fault code.