Digiprog 3 HC12 Adapter

Some of the digiprog3 odometer correction tool owners reported that for some Mercedes Benz or BMW models (such as CAS3, EZA etc), you need additional digiprog HC12 adapter to work with the mileage tool.
For example, Mercedes Benz A class 2005 is a W169 chassis, you have to change the odometer via the EZS module (ignition module) and cluster. If you do not have digiprog 3 HC12 adapter, you will be not able to correct the mileage.
Clone DigiProg 3 full set adapters contains ST50 Mercedes A Class HC 12 & Vaneo adapter and ST51 HC12 Micro Lead, but they are not the same as HC12 adapter. And the clone machine does not come with digiproghc-12 cable. The system will prompt which cable/adapter you are going to plug when doing odometer correction.
Digiprog 3 HC12 adapter PCB and mileage correction example:
Test example: digiprog 3 HC12 adapter with clone YanHuaDigiProg 3 to change BMW CAS3 mileage.