How to use 2015 Best Quality V4.94 Digiprog 3 ?

Since one of the evaluations of customers he did not know which cable adapts his Citroen Xsara 2002 when the odometerwhen using correct 2015 Best Quality Digiprog 3 odometer correction here the list the list by cable and use.

When odometer project with the correct operation Yanhua Digiprog3 V4.94 km tool , different control module engine mayrequire different cables. And some vehicle may need to remove the chip to the odometer correct .

Here is the full list of cables of game :

ST01 8 Pin SOIC clip
ST04 8 Pin Dill Chip clip

( ST01 and ST04 are used to remove the chip when programming mileage for some car models . One end of the cable tocable ST01 and ST04 staple the chip , and the other end connects to digiprog3 . )

ST06 BMW OBD diagnostic plug
ST07 BMW Compact SW7
ST08 Mercedes Benz C Class VDO 1993/1995 ST08 ST09 ST15 ST18
ST09 VW Golf 3 MM Cluster diagnostic
ST10 Mercedes Benz OBD Diagnostic Plug
ST11 Mercedes Benz Class of Cluster diagnostic
ST12 Mercedes Sprinter Kienzle Diag taken dia-
ST13 Digiprog Power Lead
ST14 Audi A6 Diag 1994/1996 and ST17 Audi A6 Diag 1994/1996
ST15 ST18 VW Golf Mk3 VDO Cluster diagnostic
ST16 OBD II diagnostic
ST19 Mercedes Sprinter VDO Cluster diagnostic
ST20 BMW Series 5/7 Cluster diagnostic
ST21 Toyota Avensis Cluster dignostic
ST22 Peugeot 306 VDO Cluster diagnostic
ST23 Jaguar XJ6 11DU 90/91/93/95
ST24 lead data for ST16
ST25 Ford Scorpio Cluster diagnostic
ST26 BMW 3 Series Compact SW9 / 10
ST27 Ford Focus
ST28 Peogeot 206 Jeager
ST29 Ford Feista Mk 3 and 4 until the year 2000
BSI of Smart ST30
ST31 Peugeot 406 VDO Cluster Dianostic
Fiat Multipla ST32
ST33 Alfa 156 HC11
ST34 Alfa 145/146 ST
ST35 HC11 lead that is used on applications sevral
ST36 Alfa
Jaguar XK8 ST37
ST38 Ford Couger
ST39 Peugeot 806 Citreon Synergy , Fiat ScudoCable Title
ST41 Audi MM cluster Dash lead
ST42 This lead has application sevral
ST45 Chrysler Grand Cherokee 1999-2000 Cluster dignostic
ST46 Peugeot 406 Jeager
ST47 This lead has application sevral
ST49 Mercedes W203 diagnostic
ST50 Mercedes HC 12 & Vaneo
ST51 HC12 Micro Lead
ST55 Jaguar X Type
ST60 W211 and W203 Cluster diagnostic

Please follow the / user manual of screen system invites cable No.1 . You must pick cable ST01 site. If you are shown to use a cable No.4 , you must choose cable ST04 . comes with different Digiprog three packages : ( cable test principal is included n each package )

Item No. SM47 whole Digiprog 3 V4.94 kit comes with ST01 / 02 and the adapter of ST04 and cables complete set .

Point No.SM47-E cost Digiprog 3 comes with adapters complete , but have not ST01 / 02 and ST04 adapter in the package. Please use the adapter complete in the package to replace.

Point No.SM47-B contains only three Digiprog main unit , you can choose (Item No. SM33-F) complete set additional Digiprog three cables.

For the list of vehicles of details and information of product, please visit obd tool website.