Ford Module Programming and Reprogramming Service Tips – 5 tools options

This post includes Ford Module Programming and reprogramming service tips, and 3 optional tools are recommended: VCM, Fly VCM IDS3 and original Launch X431 V


Let’s go one by one.


Option 1: Original VCM



Use the following basic checks to help ensure programming completes without errors:

  1. Ensure that the session is created Key ON Engine OFF (KOEO). Starting the vehicle before creating a session will prevent certain part number information from being

inhaled by the Integrated Diagnostic System (IDS). This may prevent programming of some modules.

  1. Make sure the 12-volt battery is fully charged, or is connected to the Rotunda GR1-190 (set on low charge), before carrying out the programming steps. Connect the

IDS/scan tool to a power source.

  1. Inspect the Vehicle Communication Module (VCM) and cables for any damage: ensure scan tool connections remain connected throughout programming.
  2. A hardwired internet connection is strongly recommended.
  3. Turn off all unnecessary accessories (Audio Control Module/radio, heated/cooled seats, headlamps, all doors closed, interior lamps off, HVAC, etc.).
  4. Disconnect any aftermarket accessories (remote start, alarm, power inverter, CB radio, insurance devices [most commonly located in the DLC harness] etc.).
  5. For Plug-In EVs, disconnect any external EVSEs/HV Charge Cords from the charge port.
  6. Follow all on-screen instructions carefully, especially any key cycle movements the IDS directs you to perform. Allow the startup / power down routines to complete.
  7. Disable Microsoft Windows sleep mode, screensaver, hibernation modes.


Recovering a PCM/SJB when Programming has resulted in a Blank module:



  1. Obtain the original IDS used when the programming error occurred during Module Reprogramming (MR) or Programmable Module Installation (PMI).
  2. Disconnect the VCM from the DLC and the IDS.
  3. Reconnect VCM to the IDS and then the DLC. Once reconnected the VCM icon should appear in the corner of the IDS screen. If not, troubleshoot the IDS-to-VCM connection.
  4. Attempt to start a new IDS session for the vehicle. If the IDS can read the vehicle VIN it will default into

the failed programming session. If the IDS cannot read the VIN, locate the ORIGINAL vehicle session used when programming failed. In most cases this should be the last session used. If not, use the session created on the date the programming failed.

Starting with IDS release 71.01 and later, sessions with failed programming will be highlighted in red.

Note: If the original session is not listed in the previous session list, click the Recycling bin icon at the lower right of the previous sessions screen. This will load any deleted sessions and allow you to look through them. Double click the session to restore.

  1. Once the session is loaded, the failed process should resume automatically.
  2. If programming does not resume automatically, proceed to the Module Programming menu and select the previously attempted process, Programmable Module Installation or Module Reprogramming.
  3. Follow all On-screen instructions to complete the programming process.
  4. Near the end of programming, IDS will prompt to select certain parameters. It is important to make a selection for ALL parameters listed. Even if the correct selection is already highlighted, you must still click that selection before clicking the Tick mark to complete the configuration.
  5. The last screen on IDS may list additional steps required to compete the programming process.

Ensure all applicable steps listed on the screen are performed and done in the order listed on the screen.


Option 2: Clone VCM

. Test report

Some say yes, some say no. Try it with your luck.

Here one VCM clone test report: kline not work

When I first got the VCM2, module programming was working on this laptop it started playing up after I had a K-line fault

and I did the uninstall-reinstall bit.

V8dave tried my VCM2 on his laptop and module programming worked K-line never.

I’m confused lol, as far as I’m aware, as long as the software is installed correctly and the vcm is recognized then module programming should be available regardless of whether the vcm can program the module due to any internal faults?.

Is yours the rcm that won’t program and shows a fault on k-line? I think if the vcm sees a k-line fault then surely that means it is functioning? Unless it thinks there’s a break but it is inside the vcm rather than the wiring between the bcm and rcm?

I’ve never seen anything on k-line with my vcm, even when I’ve had vcm security access denied.

Price: less than €300, available software version V97 -V101


Option 3: VXDIAG Ford IDS V101

Test Report

Ford Module programming Test OK – by Allscanner Company engineer

Some users feedback yes too.

Price: €237 (also works on Honda, Mazda, Jaguar and LandRover)

Option 4: Fly VCM IDS3


. Test report

Tried my new Fly VCM IDS3 and it works

Automatically logs on to the ford IDs server.

That means key programming and Module programming works, and the programming tips are as the same as original VCM.

Current version is V104.04 which covers 2017 Transit Auto & Transit AWD.

Enlarge the mux

Price: €275 (


Option 5: 2017 newest Launch X431 V 8″ tablet


.Test report

As you can see in the following pictures, the “Ford Module Programming” is available.

Click “Automatically Search” -> “Module Programming” -> ACM (Audio Control Module) & CDP (Compact Disc Player)

Price: €754 (better for workshop module programming for many car brands)