How to clone VOLVO EDC17CP22 ECU by KTAG BDM pinout and steps?

Here share with you: How use KTAG to clone EDC17CP22 VOLVO ECU through BDM? Read all MPC, EEPROM and Flash and you can program a new ECU!

ECU Type: BOSCH EDC17CP22 from a VOLVO V70 2011

Tool used: KTAG V2.13 FW 6.070 ECU Programming Tool Master

Step 1: Open KTAG software, choose car manufacturer “VOLVO” and car model “V70 III”.

Select correct car year and ECU type “2011 BOSCH EDC17CP22” as below:

Step 2: Check KTAG EDC17CP22 pinout and wiring diagram.

Step 3: Connect ECU EDC17CP22 with KTAG accordingly.

Step 4: Click “Backup” and “Read” and wait KTAG read EDC17CP22 complete 100%.

After KTAG clone read ECU success, you can save the bin file and write it to a new ECU!