Foxflash Manager Software V1.3.6 Update

Foxflash released the newest Foxflash Manager Software V1.3.6 on September 25, 2023.


Update details:

Special version release

September 25, 2023

Special customized version foxFlash Manager 1.3.6 version


The foxFlash team is proud to announce the 1.3.6 management software update, through which we will

1: Improve all VR databases.

2: Personal equipment customization.

3: Customize your brand tuning logo into the tool software (order from seller via the plugin in foxFlash Manager button).

4: Special personal beta version customization and testing.

5: Private tool VR database, exclusive VR model database.

6:Special personal VR data needs to be opened on the official website, please contact to assist you in updating the individual VR file database.


Update method:

Open foxFlash Manager software and it will automatically push the update. During this period, keep the USB connection of the device until the download is completed and reinstalled, you will see a new function.


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