Foxflash Software Update in May: Adds Isuzu EDC17C83 Bench/Boot Protocol

Foxflash ECU Chip Tuning Tool adds a new exclusive protocol in the newest software on May 23, 2023. After upgrade, you’ll find the BENCH protocol for Isuzu EDC17C83.

foxflash adds isuzu edc17c83 on bench boot 1


Foxflash update info:

Bench/Boot protocol for Isuzu EDC17C83.


Supported Control Units & Vehicles:


Bosch EDC17C83 TC1793


Supported Vehicles:

Isuzu Dmax 2017-2022 1.9D 164cv

Isuzu Dmax Rodeo 2017-2022 1.9D 164cv

Isuzu M21 2017-2022 1.9D 123cv


BENCH  read is real.

R/W time:   ~6 minutes at first programming, then ~ 30s.


ATTENTION: Some of the latest vehicles might have a secure gateway.


Update method:

Try to update just connect, run manager and activate. No need to download, because the protocols are in the server.

If fails, run the foxFlash Manager APP, and click the Download button till all is done.

foxflash adds isuzu edc17c83 on bench boot 2


Foxflash Bench Pinout to BOSCH EDC17 C83 [1793] – Isuzu [Diesel]

foxflash adds isuzu edc17c83 on bench boot 3

Use the following driver to read and write ECU:



→ TC1793 – ISUZU

→ EDC17 C83


Foxflash Boot Mode Pinout to BOSCH EDC17 C83 [TC1793 INT.F.] – Isuzu

Read and write ECU

Connect with the multifunction cable the following pinout and the boot shown below.

foxflash adds isuzu edc17c83 on bench boot 4

Use the driver:



→ SAK TC1793


To connect to the sixth pin of the micro, a Hook tweezer is recommended to use.

foxflash adds isuzu edc17c83 on bench boot 5

Foxflash ECU Programmer Earlier Update Info:

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