FoxFlash Read & Write ECU Feedback: Success or Failure

More and more customers received Foxflash ECU Chip Tuning Tool and tested on different cars. Here have collected the related customer feedback to let you know what it can do and what it can’t do…


Test OK Peugeot edc17c10, work fine on bench: read flash+ eeprom

foxflash read write ecu feedback 1

Test VW edc16u1 ok: 5 min full read on bench

foxflash read write ecu feedback 2

Test edc17c64 ok on bench

Test bench Peugeot 308 edc16c34 R/W ok

foxflash read write ecu feedback 3


Opel 1.7 CDTI Denso SH 7059


R & W

foxflash read write ecu feedback 4


PSA Citroen edc16c34 obd mode read and write ok

foxflash read write ecu feedback 5



Hardcut added & Car started perfect




With power laboratory


SKODA EDC17C64 Virtual reading and writing by OBD – OK

Read it automatically downloads the file from the server

foxflash read write ecu feedback 6

foxflash read write ecu feedback 7






BMW edc17c06 bench mode read flash and eeprom+tun+cs+write

Car started fine

foxflash read write ecu feedback 8


BMW MED17.2.5 R/W Ok (Y)

Seam’s like a stable & Reliable tool, very Internet dependant..

GUI is a bit hit & miss In terms of reloading drivers etc I find that I have to reload software but other than that It’s spot on..

(Maybe has to do with being in 32bit)

foxflash read write ecu feedback 9

foxflash read write ecu feedback 10


“foxFlash” arrived today

Tested with “Smart 453 NA ECU”

Verification of ORIGINAL data only (Can it be recovered if it fails?)

Read: ALL ⇒ OK, EEPROM only ⇒ OK, Flash only ⇒ OK

Write: ALL⇒?, EEPROM only⇒OK, Flash only⇒OK

For confirmation, check the identity of each written data and the original data ⇒ OK

Although it is a test on a high-spec PC, if this TOOL is connected from the beginning and the PC is started, the operation of the PC is unstable. I think that it is better to connect this TOOL after starting the PC. What I don’t like is that launching the app is not a one-action action and that changing the date from the current date is harmful… While this TOOL is connected, you can’t use other apps.

foxflash read write ecu feedback 11

foxflash read write ecu feedback 12

If you try to change the read data to something other than the displayed document (desktop), the app crashes.

What it can do, what it can’t do… I wish I could buy it for under $1000 and do this.

Expecting perfection from a clone is cruel.

It is a convenient item if you remember “ECU” that can read and write.

The supplied AC adapter does not provide enough voltage, so I am connecting an external stabilized power supply.

foxflash read write ecu feedback 13

Probably, 3A or more is necessary… This is my case, but I use a cheap “out 13.8V/MAX 30A” on my desk, and a “GYS GYSFLASH 121.12 CNT FV” for the stabilized power supply to the vehicle.


I think it’s good to hear other people’s opinions too. I can’t say what I have is correct…


Thanks to all users’ feedback above!


To be continued…


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