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Note: No need for shipping! After payment, please offer the serial number of your KeyTool Plus to customer service. We will add the corresponding token to your device within 8 working hours.

For VVDI Key Tool Plus, you don’t need to open VAG Copy 48 Transponder by OBDII/Prepare Dealer Key by ECU Data Function Authorization or Copy 48 Transponder (96 bit) Function Authorization. These functions have already been activated.
VVDI Key Tool Plus update

As we know, using Key Tool Plus to do Mercedes- Benz password calculation and ID48 clone both need one token. Besides, for Mercedes- Benz all keys lost, two tokens are needed. But for key programming of other cars like VW/AUDI, it’s totally free.

In addition to the two methods above to get tokens, you also can purchase 5 Tokens for Key Tool Plus MB Password Calculation (€66 no need shipping).
vvdi mb tool token

Moreover, you also can receive free tokens every day after combining your Xhorse machines (Condor Mini, Condor Mini Plus, Condor XC002, Dolphin XP005, XP007) with your account.
Reference: VVDI Key Tool Plus Tokens+ Bonus Points+ Fees User Guide

After got the token info above, let’s continue to learn something about Xhorse Key Tool Plus Benz password calculation.
1.The following Benz models can work with Key Tool Plus to calculate passwords.

  • W164
  • W164 2009-
  • W166, 197, 212, 218, 246
  • W169, 209, 211
  • W172, 204, 207
  • W216
  • W221
  • W639 2009-

2.Guide to add new key by VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad: 
Password calculation can get key passwords through EIS and working keys (online).
It can be used to do key programming on Mercedes- Benz if the key password cannot be read out successfully.

Main steps to add key:
Step 1: Read and save lock data
Step 2: Collect data (Calculate password)
Step 3: Upload server calculation password
Step 4: Prepare (Generate) key file
Step 5: Write key file (Program new key)
vvdi key tool plus

Note: It’s easy to do. Make sure the connection between Key Tool Plus Pad and the vehicle is proper, and select IMMO programming-> Europe-> Benz-> Automatically diagnose models-> start programming, then follow the on-screen instruction to operate step by step.

If you need tokens for Xhorse Key Tool Plus Pad, please order now at the best price!

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