VVDI Key Tool Plus Tokens+ Bonus Points+ Fees User Guide

As we know, Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad is an all-in-one programmer which combines locksmith functions of VVDI2, VVDI MB, VVDI Key Tool Max, VVDI BIM, VVDI PROG and especially supports IMMO programming for luxury cars like BMW, BENZ, AUDI, and VW etc. Many customers want to know the fees and token situation about it. Here comes the guide explaining how it works!
vvdi key tool plus

In fact, there is no any annual fee or subscription fee for KEY TOOL PLUS, it works just like other Xhorse devices.
The paid functions of VVDI Key Tool Plus are same as Xhorse key machine and other tools such as Key Tool Max, VVDI2 key programmer. In other words, the system applies to every Xhorse device.

Now check the specific questions what customers asked frequently about Key Tool Plus.

Q: Is there a subscription fee or annual fee for VVDI Key Tool Plus?
A: No, there isn’t. Likewise, there are no such fees for other Xhorse devices such as Key Tool Max, VVDI Prog, VVDI MB Tool, etc. Besides, the updates of it are also free of charge.

Q: Does it need tokens?
A: Yes.

– For ID48 clone, you need one token at a time.
– For Mercedes- Benz password calculation, one token is needed.
– For Mercedes- Benz all keys lost, two tokens are needed.
– For key programming of other cars like VW/AUDI, it’s totally free.

Q: How to get tokens?
A: You can get tokens of Xhorse Key Tool Plus in two methods.

Method 1: you can buy tokens from eobdtool.co.uk or other dealers.
Method 2: After combining your Xhorse machines with your account, you’ll receive free token every day.
Check the chart which shows how many tokens you’ll receive if you combine Xhorse machines.

e.g. If you combine Condor Mini with your account, you’ll receive one free token every day. Other Xhorse machines above work in the same way.
But if you have two or more combined machines, you can get 2 free tokens per day at most.
Please note that tokens are not cumulative.
Combine 1 Xhorse machine

Q: What about bonus points?
A: 200 bonus points= 1 token
It can be used for ID48 clone or MB password calculation.

Q: How do I get bonus points?
A: You can get bonus points in two ways.

Method 1: to generate Xhrose new remotes
You will get bonus points after you complete remote generation of a new Xhorse remote.
How many bonus points for different remote? Please check the following Xhorse Universal Remote Bonus Points list for reference.
Xhorse remotes bonus list

Method 2: to send feedback to Xhorse on APP
Step 1: Open Xhorse APP
Step 2: Click “I want to develop remotes”
Step 3: Click “I want to develop remotes” again
Step 4: Fill out the application incl. remote picture, remote brand, car model, year, country, contact information and matching method, and then click “submit”.

Once it’s done, you can get bonus points after Xhorse manual review.

Q: Will VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad cost money in the future?
A: Well, Xhorse has been providing free upgrades for years, so the upgrade of the main functions of the Key Tool Plus tablet will still be free. However, for functions with greater breakthroughs, such as the support of Mercedes- Benz FBS4, we will charge a certain upgrade fee because of the large investment in R& D.

Q: I saw “Advanced Version” on the description of Key Tool Plus, what does it mean?
A: It means all functions of it are available for use, and you can get the complete accessories of it like in the following picture.
vvdi key tool plus full package

To be continued…

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