Free Download+ Install VCM2 Ford IDS V121 Guide

Here comes the free download link and installation guide of VCM2 Ford IDS V121.

Part one: Free Download Ford Mazda IDS V121 software for VCM2 clone
1.Ford_IDS Software Download

  • IDS- 121.01_full.exe
  • VCI Manager (Ford) 20.11.24.exe
  • VCI_ software_

Ford_IDS Software Download
2.Mzd_IDS Software Download

  • MazdaIDS- 121.01_full.exe
  • VCI Manager (Mzd) 20.11.24.exe

Mzd_IDS Software Download
3.Ford_Mzd Patch Download

  • IDS_ Patch.exe

Ford_Mzd Patch Download
Requirement on Computer:
1.Computer has at least 4GB Memory
2.Computer needs to be produced after 2000 year, the too old computer cannot run the software.
3.Win 7/Win 10 32/64 bit are recommended

Compatible device:
vxdiag vcx nano for Ford/Mazda USB and WiFi, vxdiag vcx pro, vxdiag full, vcm2 clone (using vxdiag solution) etc.

Vehicle covered: Support both new and old Ford/ Mazda vehicles.

Ford IDS V121 New Feature:
This version also has the ability to download the very latest calibration/software files from Ford’s server if you have an internet connection available at the time of connecting to vehicles.

  • Reading and decoding fault codes
  • Deleting fault codes
  • Displays system current parameters in digital form
  • Combined displaying of data
  • Logs keeping-writing and keeping of digital parameters in memory
  • Special functions- changing of permissible settings of blocks, programming etc.

Part two: How to install Ford IDS V121 for VCM II

Watch the video as below carefully!

Main steps:
Step 1: Install IDS- 121.01_full
Step 2: VCI Manager (Ford)
Step 3: VCI_Software_1.0.0.10
Step 4: Install IDS_ Patch
Step 5: Install VX Manager
Step 6: Run VX Manager
Step 7: Run IDS_Patch