How to do Ford Fiesta DPF Regeneration by Launch X431 PRO3?

Easy tutorial for you to successfully perform DPF Regeneration on 2011 Ford Fiesta by Launch X431 V+ PRO3! Check below and hope it helps!

Launch X431 PRO3 Diesel Particulate Filter Static Regeneration Instruction

First, connect Launch X431 V Plus with car via the Bluetooth DBSCar connector.
Next, click the red X431 icon to enter main menu.
Go to “American” section and choose “Ford”.
Open Ford series software V46.24”.

Choose “Automatically Search”.

And it will read out vehicle information, click “OK” to confirm.

Select “Fuel Type= Diesel” option.

Then choose “System Selection” and “PCM (Powertrain Control Module)” then click “OK”.

Now you choose “Special Function” then “PCM Service Function”.

Tips show “This function will change vehicle status”, just confirm it.
Choose “Diesel Particulate Filter Static Regeneration” function.

And follow the instruction: turn on car ignition, it will read DTC codes then turn off ignition.
Pay attention to the prompt before performing Ford Fiesta DPF Regeneration.

During the process, car engine speed will be increased.
This procedure is carried out when car is stationary, not running.
This procedure will cost up to 25 minutes.
The tailpipe exhaust gas temperature will reach 500 degrees.
Make sure the Exhaust Extraction System is working.
Use a portable fan to cool engine if possible.
Make sure there is at least 1 meter clearance behind the tailpipe. No combustible materials around.
After that follow tips to turn on ignition and start car engine.
It will start to inspect engine temperature till it reach to 65 degree.

Now click “OK” to start Ford Fiesta DPF Regeneration. Do not press the accelerator, brake or clutch during the process.
The whole process will cost about 2500 seconds. Click “Yes” to continue.

After that turn off ignition and Launch X431 PRO3 do Ford Fiesta DPF Regeneration successfully!

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