How to Register and Update Launch X431 V+ (Pro3)?

This post comes with the guide to register and update Launch X431 V+ diagnostic scan tool.

1.Register Launch X431 Pro3
Open Launch X431 V+ tablet
Click on “Login” at the top right of the screen to enter register interface

Operate guide: Create an account-> Activate VCI-> Finish registration
Step 1: Input a username hasn’t been used, password and other info required to register

Note: The username should be 6-20 characters (letters, numbers or underline), must start with English letter.

Step 2: When register successfully, login with the corresponding user name and password.

Enter Serial number and activation code (can be found in the codebook), and press “ACTIVATE”

Step 3: Finish registration, click on “OK” to enter software update interface

2. Update Launch X431 Pro3

Click on “Update” to download all the software

Update software successfully

Then you can diagnose any car supported.
Select [Local diagnose]
VIN scan: incl. Camera Scan and Enter VIN two methods
Common: incl. HD_DEMO and OBD
HD: incl. truck, bus and other machinery

Check more Launch X431 V+ Pro3 info, please watch the video carefully.

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