How to Download and Update Launch i-TPMS Service Tool?

What is Launch i-TPMS? What’s the difference between it and Launch TSGUN TPMS? How to use it? Need activation or not? If not respond or cannot work normally, how to solve it?

This post will give you help.


What is Launch i-TPMS Service Tool?

i-TPMS has the same functions as TSGUN TPMS. Both can program LAUNCH LTR RF sensors for unlimited times to replace OE sensors. The sensor data can be read instantly and accurately, including sensor ID, tire pressure, tire temperature, battery status, etc.

The difference is that Launch i-TPMS can work by combining the Launch X431 scanners or work standalone via i-TPMS APP, while TSGUN must be combined with Launch scan tools to perform TPMS function, it cannot work alone.

launch i tpms download and update 1

Launch i-TPMS Features:

  • Support over 98% of mainstream vehicles with a TPMS-equipped system available on the market.
  • Support all 315/433MHz sensors.
  • Bind it with an X-431 scanner (X431 V/V+, PRO3S+, Pro3, Pro5, Pad VII, etc.): support Activation, Programming, Relearn and Diagnosing for sensors.
  • Work with i-TPMS App: replace the tire pressure sensor, activate sensor, program sensor ID, query sensor OE part number, and generate tire pressure detection reports, etc.
  • Support unlimited programming for LAUNCH sensors to replace OE sensors.


How to use Launch i-TPMS?

Connect i-TPMS device and X431 scanner via Bluetooth to perform the sensor functions

launch i tpms download and update 2

The operation guide is the same as Launch X431 TSGUN.


Launch X431 TSGUN TPMS Diagnostic Tool Test Report

  • Work with i-TPMS App on Android smartphone

1.Download i-TPMS App (Only for Android Smartphone users)

* iOS APP is under development

Method 1: Scan the following QR code

launch i tpms download and update 3

Method 2: Scan the QR code on the back of the i-TPMS device to download and install the i-TPMS App on the phone.


2.Run i-TPMS App

Turn on Android smartphone Bluetooth

launch i tpms download and update 4

Open i-TPMS App after downloading

Tap Go>> Start

launch i tpms download and update 5

It will search the serial number of Launch i-TPMS tool automatically and pair up

The device is paired with mobile phone successfully.

Then find “LAUNCH” to perform the functions supported.

launch i tpms download and update 6

Video guide:

  • How to Use Launch iTPMS App?

  • How to Active TPMS Sensor with Launch i-TPMS?

  • How to Program TPMS Sensor with Launch i-TPMS Service Tool?

3.Update i-TPMS Firmware

Tap Settings>> Firmware Update

Update the firmware to the latest version

Current firmware version: V1.14

launch i tpms download and update 7 launch i tpms download and update 8

4.Update Launch i-TPMS Software

Tap Settings>> About to check the latest version and update APP

launch i tpms download and update 9


Launch i-TPMS FAQ:

Q1: Why does my i-TPMS always stay on welcome screen?

A: If the device keeps displaying the welcome screen, it indicates that it is not in TPMS function mode. If the diagnostic tool is performing the TPMS function, the device will switch to the corresponding function mode.


Q2: Can I set the system language of my iTPMS?

A: It varies with the system language of the diagnostic tool/smartphone that connects it. Currently only English and simplified Chinese are available on the device. If the device detects the system language of the diagnostic tool/smartphone is non-Chinese, it will change into English automatically no matter which language the diagnostic tool/smartphone is set as.


Q3: My i-TPMS does not respond.

A: In this case, please carefully check the following:

  • Whether the device is successfully connected to the diagnostic tool/smartphone wirelessly
  • Whether the device is powered on
  • Whether the device is damaged or defective


Q4: Why does my i-TPMS automatically power off?

A: Please check the following:

  • Whether the device is fully discharged
  • If the device is not being charged and there is no operation on the device for 30 minutes, it will automatically power off to conserve battery power.


Q5: My i-TPMS can not trigger sensor.

A: Please check the following:

  • Whether the device is damaged or defective.
  • Whether the sensor, module or ECU itself may be damaged or defective.
  • The vehicle does not have a sensor even though a metal valve stem is present. Be aware of Schrader rubber style snap-in stems used on TPMS systems.
  • You device may require a firmware upgrade.


Q6: What to do if my Launch i-TPMS encountered some unexpected bugs?

A: In this case, a firmware upgrade is required. On the TPMS version selection screen, tap Firmware Update to upgrade it.


2024 Launch i-TPMS Handheld TPMS Service Tool is available at now.


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