TPMS Reset vs. TPMS Sensor Relearn vs. TPMS Sensor Programming

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What’s exactly TPMS Reset, TPMS Sensor Relearn and TPMS Sensor Programming mean? And what’s the difference among them?

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–In a word, TPMS Reset consists of 2 parts:

  1. TPMS Sensor Relearn (A must procedure)
  2. TPMS Sensor Programming (Newly added procedure for aftermarket universal programmable TPMS sensors)


Part 1

What’s TPMS Sensor Relearn?

TPMS Sensor Relearn is a standard TPMS service step.

It’s also called Reset TPMS, Reset TPMS ECU, TPMS ECU programming…

If you replace car TPMS sensor then you must relearn the new TPMS sensor. If not, new TPMS sensor even car TPMS system cannot work properly!

How to relearn TPMS sensors?

To match new TPMS sensor with car, you can use a professional device like Autel TS401 or Autel TS601 to relearn TPMS sensor ID and position to car TPMS ECU.

Both Autel TS401 and TS601 can reset TPMS sensor not only Autel TPMS sensor, but also original TPMS sensor and other aftermarket brands.


  1. Choose which TPMS Reset tool?

Check below table: Autel TS401 functions compare with Autel TS601

Autel TS601 is most powerful also most expensive. So it depends on your need.

  1. How to use Autel TS401 or Autel TS601 for TPMS Reset?

Autel TS601 user instructions:


Part 2

What’s TPMS Sensor Programming?

TPMS sensor programming is an extra but important TPMS service step.

If you use aftermarket TPMS sensor, and those are universal, programmable, you should first do TPMS sensor programming before TPMS Sensor Relearn!

To program TPMS sensor is to write the TPMS sensor ID to a blank  TPMS sensor.

How to do TPMS Sensor Programming?

Now you need a professional tool Autel MaxiTPMS PAD for TPMS Sensor Programming!

Check here to know how use Autel MaxiTPMS PAD to program TPMS Sensor?

Recommend Autel MX-Sensor Universal TPMS Sensor 433MHz/ 315MHZ


Know more Autel TPMS tool here: