How to Get Quick and Free Tech Support on Launch X431 Tablets?

Some Launch X431 users don’t know how to contact Launch support, and also are afraid of complicated procedures and long waits. For this problem, Launch Tech has added the “Online Technical Support” function on the tablet to provide instant technical supports for customers. It’s free to use, no need any fee.


Which Launch tool has this function?

All Launch tablets such as X431 V, V+, PRO5, PAD V, PAD VII, PROS V1.0, PRO3S+, Pro Mini, IMMO Elite, etc.


How to get free Launch online technical support?

Just update your Launch scan tool to get FREE 24-hour online technical support.

Service time: 5*24hours, Monday to Friday (Beijing Time, GMT+8).

Most important: This service is FREE!


How to use X-431 scanner online technical support?

Tap the Customer Service icon at the top right corner on the main menu

launch x431 tablets free tech support guide 1

Then you will enter into the Technical support Online page

launch x431 tablets free tech support guide 2

Tap Technical Support button, and the dialog box will appear on the right side

Input the problem you want to solve in the input box at the bottom right corner and tap Send

launch x431 tablets free tech support guide 3

Then you will receive the corresponding answer from professional Launch technician soon.

launch x431 tablets free tech support guide 4


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