How to Update Launch X431 PAD VII after Two Years Free Update?

Launch X431 PAD VII diagnostic scanner currently supports 2 Years Free Update Online. It will not be locked after 2 years and the local diagnostic software will work for a lifetime, but you can purchase the software update subscription to use other functions normally. The update cost is 949USD for two years, and 599USD for one year.


So, how to activate update service after purchasing?

Before you purchase the update service, please provide the serial number for confirming if we can help to provide the update service first. Because the devices which were brought from overseas dealer can not be provided the update service.

After purchasing one year or two years update service, our customer service will provide a Subscription Renewal Card for you. Then you need to activate it with 24 digit numbers of Subscription Renewal Card for using.


What is Launch Subscription Renewal Card?

The Subscription Renewal Card is only applicable for those products which are produced by LAUNCH and supports software payment and renewal.

Note: The Subscription Renewal Card may differ in different areas. Please contact dealers for details.

how to update launch x431 pad vii 1

Card Number It includes 12 digit numbers.
Password Scratch or scrap the designated area to reveal the hidden information. Generally it is composed of 24 digit numbers.


How to activate the Subscription Renewal Card?

1) Tap the application icon on the home screen to launch it

Note: Make sure the app version is V3.00.004 or newer.

2) Tap “Login” on the upper right corner of screen to log in the system

how to update launch x431 pad vii 2

Note: Please make sure the tool has a strong Wi-Fi connection

3) Tap how to update launch x431 pad vii 3 and select “Update” to enter the update center

4) Tap “Renewal” on the update page to activate Subscription Renewal Card

how to update launch x431 pad vii 4

5) Input the password of Subscription Renewal Card (24-digit numbers) and then tap “Confirm” to finish the transaction (The order can be viewed by tapping how to update launch x431 pad vii 3 -> “Profile”->“My order”)

how to update launch x431 pad vii 6

Note: To avoid purchasing a forfeit Subscription Renewal Card, please purchase it from us or other authorized LAUNCH dealers.

6) Update all cars when you submit the password

how to update launch x431 pad vii 7


Alright! That’s the method to update your Launch X431 PAD VII (PAD 7) after 2 years free update.


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