How to Change Ford Odometer Mileage with Digiprog 3 Plus ST59 Plug

Prepare items: Digiprog 3, ST59 Plug for NEC Adapter, Ford Car

Digiprog 3

How to do it:

1. Remove the dashboard and open it . Search on dash the Soldering Points.
2. solder on same points as in picture the cables from ST59 on it. All Pins must be Lift up From Board
3. Connect the Cables to ST59 you can nothing make Wrong
4. Now connect the ST 59 with the Digiprog.
5. Select the program: cars / trucks – FORD – KA NEC.
6. The DIGIPROG denotes old / wrong Mileage.
7. Program and completed the new / correct Mileage.



If you need both digiprog iii and the ST59 Plug, you can buy the Digiprog 3 V4.94 Full Set with ST59 Plug for NEC Cluster Specially for Vehicles with NEC Chip, it will save you money