How to use CGDI MB to program Mercedes W204 ELV Emulator?

How to use CGDI MB to program Mercedes W204 ELV Emulator successfully. The whole procedure is easy by following the on-screen instruction.

Wiring between CGDI MB and MK3 Mercedes ESL ELV Steering Lock Emulator

Run CGDI MB software.

Select “EIS”.

Select “Read EIS data”.


Copy the password from the note book and paste it into the “Key password” box.

Select “Save EIS Data”.


Select “ELV”.


Select “Read ELV data”.

Read complete, select “Simulator”.

Select “Load EIS data”.

Select ” Write” (Mercedes W204 ELV Emulator), until succeed.


Test if W204 ELV emulator works by using CGDI MB and the MK3 Emulator.

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