HUMZOR NexzDAS Lite review: BMW diagnosis and service reset for example

HUMZOR NexzDAS Lite, a small OBD2 adapter without long cable, is supposed to perform powerful OBD2 diagnosis and 9 service reset functions on a wide range of cars through A phone (Android). Bought it for about 90EUR incl. shipping cost. Hook it up to a BMW car, download the NexzDAS software through Android APP, register a member, download BMW and diagnose BMW, all are quick and easy.

HUMZOR NexzDAS Lite reviews:

  1. HUMZOR NexzDAS Lite appearance and package:

It is well-packed with one HUMZOR NexzDAS Lite adapter, the adapter has nice rubber around it, so obviously you can drop it and won’t worry about it smashed. Also packed with a password envelope, one user manual which help you how to do in step by step procedure.


  1. HUMZOR NexzDAS Lite Android APP download, member register, car diagnosis software download etc.

Scan the QR code (on the box) to download NexzDAS software within one minute.

Register a member, enter a valid email (used to receive Auth code) and password etc.

Tap “Add a new product” to input the machine serial number and activation code (in the package).

Pop up a message ” No data! Please download in the APP Store.” , tap “APP Store”.

Scroll down the car list to select “BMW” and download it.


  1. HUMZOR NexzDAS Lite diagnose BMW and perform special functions.

All will goes smoothly by following the on-screen instruction.


  1. HUMZOR NexzDAS Lite reviewson main functions, languageand update.


  1. HUMZOR NexzDAS Lite coverage, about 63 car brands in total.

The special functions the machine can perform vary from model to model.

One nice feature is you can select the vehicle by VIN, also the popup message is helpful for the DIYer.


Who is HUMZOR NexzDAS Lite for?

No matter who you are a professional or a DIYer, it is a must-to have pocket diagnostic adapter, because it is easy-to-use, runs quickly. It must be a good company for a long or short trip.