How CGDI MB Repair Mercedes W204 W207 W212 ELV

CGDI MB Key programmer could do Benz W204 W207 W212 ELV repair with an ELV repair adapter.

Here is the step-by-step guide for you.

Connect CGDI MB via OBD to detect whether the ELV is normal or not, if it is ok, then it supports OBD repair.


Part 1:

Connect to for Mercedes car via OBD, open CGDI MB software, click on “Read ELV data”.


Please connect the clip on the obd cable to the Kline on the ELV plug.


ELV basic info and key info are read out successfully.


The ELV is detected ok and you can repair.


Get the ELV erased password.


Erase the ELV successfully.


Read again and display the related info after being erased.



Part 2: Collect and calculate the IMMO password.

Read out the EIS info.


Enter “Password calculation”, choose “Copy key with key” (If all keys lost, choose “Copy key without key”).


Choose “Other keys” as default, click on “Ok”.


The collecting process will not be displayed here, just follow the message to do until you get the immo password.

note: if you don’t know how to get immo password clearly, you could check the older post: Benz All key lost  a full guide to get immo password with video


Copy the key password and paste it to the EIS.


Save the EIS data (Please save it into the default folder name)


Erase password is calculated successfully.


Click on “Erase EIS”, the message says please plug the simulation key into EIS within 30 seconds.


Real pictures are shown as bellow.


Erase the EIS successfully.


Again read EIS related info.


Load the EIS data (saved in the former steps.)


Click on “Write”.


Please insert the simulation key into the EIS in 30 seconds.


Operation real pictures.


Write EIS data successfully.


Again read out the EIS data.


Click on “Synchronize W204 ELV”, after it succeeds, insert the key into EIS to active.


Activation succeed, ready to use.