How to Use Foxflash Unlock Service as HPtuner?

Foxflash ECU Chip Tuning Tool has the unlock service as hptuner. When you need unlock some ECUs then work with HPtuner, you can contact us get a unlock file, after a performance, then you can work with your HPTuner.

how to use foxflash unlock service as hptuner 1


Here are the operation steps.

Step 1: Read all with foxFIash software in boot mode, make a full backup

Step 2: Upload the backup file to us

Step 3: We will send back a unlock file to you

Step 4: Write back the file into PCM/ECM/TCM

Step 5: Try to use hptuner’s vcm to read out the PCM file then tune it

Step 6: Use dealer tool performance the VIN and IMMO system

Step 7: Car start.


*HP Tuners offers TCM/ECM/PCM unlock service for tuning support in the latest version of VCM Suite.


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