How to Use OBDSTAR H110 OBD Program VW Polo 2013 Key (Nec 24C32)?

Arrived one obdstar H110 with RFID Adapter, today I used it to program VW Polo 2013 Key (Nec 24C32). I’d like to show step by step procedure below. actually, it is very easy to do via obd without removing and welding any chip.



This is NEC 24C32 dashboard


Connect obdstar H110 to the RFID Adapter and OBD connect to the NEC 24C32 dashboard.


Choose “Vehicles” on the screen.


Choose “Immobilizer”.


Choose “VW”.


Program key.


4 generation IMMO


NEC+ 24C32 ICM


Make ordinary dealer key.


Please turn ignition on, press [ENT] continue.


Logging system…reading data…


Information  communication breakdown…

Back to choose ” Make ordinary dealer key”……


Please connect RFID with diagnostic device.


Please put the new key in RFID.


Communicating…reading data…

Generating dealer key.


Make dealer key success.


Source of obdstar H110 with RFID Adapter