How OBDSTAR H110 Do VW Polo 2006 Odometer Reset via OBD

OBDSTAR H110 is a professional VW/Audi/Skoda/Seat key programmer and odometer correction tool. In this post will share you a process on how OBDSTAR H110 reset odometer for 2006 VW Polo. Here we go…


First shows the dashboard of 2006 VW Polo


Connect OBDSTAR H110 with VW Polo and then choose VEHICLE




Then choose the car model according to the car model we want to program.

In this guide choose VW -> VW V31.59

After, there are two section to choose: select from type or select from vehicle

Choose Select from Vehicle, and then find Polo

In this process, we use VDO K line depend on the Chip type of vehicle dashboard.

After communicating, OBDSTAR H110 could read mileage of VW, the current mileage 4192km is shown as below:

And the mileage shows on VW dashboard:


Input the mileage 20000 for example

After the screen comes out Finish means the odometer is reset.


The mileage has reset successfully! The new mileage is 20001km. The result has a margin of error of 1km.


If you want to know more details about this process, here is a Youtube video for you: