How to use TACHO PRO U2008

How to use TACHO PRO 2008 ?

The tacho pro U2008 dash programming is newest version 07/2008, which Fully support European, American and Asian vehicle types, most of which can be adjusted via OBD-II diagnostic plug. obdtool’s tacho pro 2008 with high quality and 1 year warranty

But how to use it,which seems like a not simple work,now we would like to share the method step by step.

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Step 1:Power supply

The Universal Dash Programmer handheld is powerded with 12 V by a 3,5 mm

miniplug (port 1). Please use an AC adapter with at least 500 mA, better 1 A.

External power supply is necessary when programming a detached odometer.

When programming through the diagnostic port, the handdeld is powered by the

car through the port. The diagnostic plug is positioned in port 3.


When programming through the diagnostic port, do not supply the

handheld with power through port 1!

Tacho Pro U2008 Tacho Pro 2008

Tacho Pro 2008 Unlock Tacho Pro 2008 OBD2 mileage correction

Step 2.Start menu:

When supplying the handheld with power, you can see the start menu in the

display. It offers the possibility, to change the backlight by pressing the STOP

button. With button 0 you can make an update( software updates). Press OK to


Now the handheld is asking for a password. This function is always activated

when you get a Universal Dash Programmer, but you can switch it off ( options).

Step 3.:Software Updates

Tacho v 2008 Software updates can be installed by yourself to the handheld. You only need a

DOS or Windows computer with a serial port and a 0-modem cable:

PLEASE ERASE all eep’s before updating you Universal Dash Programmer!!!!

1. Connect the cable to your computer(com 1 or com 2) and port 2 on the


2. When starting the handheld, choose SYNC for update.

3. Start the update program that you have received from us and make sure that

you have a working internet connection.

4. wait until you see “RESET” on the display.

5. For new types please contact us to get the code you have to type in under

update special.


After the start menu, you see the main menu with the different manufacturers and

the menu OPTIONS, UPDATE and SYNC.

With button 8 you can move up, with button 2 down. Then the bar is on the desired

menu, press OK. If you have chosen a wrong menu, you can quit by pressing


Step 4:Menu Options

■ Choose language

Here you can choose a different language for the .

■ New PIN

First you have to enter the old PIN. Then the handdeld asks you for the new

PIN that you have to repeat again. The password consists of a combination of Tacho Pro 2008 Unlock Tacho Pro 2008 OBD2 mileage correction

pressing 6 button of your choice.

■ Erase all eeps

With this menu you erase all data that you have saved before. First you have

to press E to verify, then you have to enter your PIN.

■ Clear 1 EEP

Here you can erase the last data you have saved.

■ Verify PIN

With this menu you can switch on or off the password function when starting

the handheld. With the button STOP you can switch it off. To switch it off you

have to verify it with the password.

Menu updater

This is for new software, for example new manufacturers or models can be

unlocked with this function. Therefore contact us.


Generally software improvements are installed by the start menu (0 for

update).in the main menu updater is only used to unlock new programs.


Used for saving data from your handheld to your computer. This is done with the Tacho Pro U2008 program Universal Dash and a 0-modem-cable. Choose SYNC when the program asks for it.

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