How to update Ford VCM II software to V101

This is the step-by-step instruction on how to update VCM II firmware and Ford IDS software to  the newest version IDS 101.


Device to use:

Ford VCM II china clone;



What’s your FORD IDS version?

For users with FORD IDS V81/V91, please install the FORD IDS V96 first, then install IDS V97.

For users with FORD IDS V96, just install IDS V97 and the VCM 2 firmware to do diagnosis or programming on your Ford vehicles.

Edit: now the newest  is Ford VCM2 IDS v101


Ford ids software free download:

Free download VCM IDS software 105.01 Ford VMWare in mega



Free download Ford IDS 104.01 for VCM and VXDIAG VCX NANO

Free download Ford IDS V101.04 for Ford VCM II and VXDIAG VCX NANO


How to update Ford IDS software to the newest version:

How to install Ford IDS V98 in Windows XP



Every time IDS software complete, please go to update vcm2 firmware.


How to update to VCM2 firmware?

1.Find this button in the VCM 2 main unit, and then press on it.

Ford IDS V97 for VCM II Update Guide -1

2.Press the button until the power is connected and all the lights are lighted.

Then connect the VCM II to the laptop via USB port.

Ford IDS V97 for VCM II Update Guide -2

3.Open the software, Ford IDS, then it will prompt update information on your VCM II.

Ford IDS V97 for VCM II Update Guide -3

Update success.

Ford IDS V97 for VCM II Update Guide -4

4.Restart your laptop after update. Then re-connect to the VCM II for diagnosis or programming.

Ford IDS V97 for VCM II Update Guide -5

5.The case is based on the installed FORD IDS V96. Just install V97 to do a test.

Open the software “Thunder”, and put the link below to the URL line.
The link to free download Ford IDS v97.01:

Ford IDS V97 for VCM II Update Guide -6

6.Please install V97.01 FORD IDS in your laptop.