How WIFI ELM327 Scanner Work with Rev Software APP on Iphone OS

WIFI ELM327 OBD2 Scanner designs to support communication with a host device, such as PC, notebook, iPhone, Ipad and more, with high speed and low power sleep mode.

wifi elm327 obd2 scanner

Here share tutorial on how to use WIFI ELM327 scan tool to work with Rev Software APP via IOS.


IOS phone or tablet;

WIFI ELM327 OBD2 Auto Scanner and ELM327 OBD2 Car Diagnostic Tool;

Rev software APP;


  1. Download Rev Software program in iTunes app store

(NOTE: You have to jailbreak your IOS device when buying or downloading some app programs for Bluetooth OBD2 devices)

  1. Connect your WIFI OBD2 scanner with vehicle;
  2. Choose your ELM327 device in your IOS device in the Settings;
  3. Connect IOS device with WIFI network;
  4. Set the IP Address to Static. Configure the IP address to and the Subnet Mask to;
  5. Go back and exit settings. The scanner will prompt you to configure an IP as a “router”. Select No. Do not set IP as a router, otherwise, the iPhone will join the internet via ELM327 and all data will not come through after connected to vehicle;
  6. Start the engine and the WIFI ELM327 scan tool will be powered up through vehicle OBD port;
  7. Configure the connection to use a custom TCP connection with IP and TCP Port 35000 in Rev APP;
  8. Enjoys vehicle data information, for example: see more than 5 parameters using landscape, record the data and later export it to CSV, helps maximize driving habits while saving on fuel, etc.

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