IMMO off FIAT Punto with v54 fgtech galletto 4 master

Need to immo off FIAT Punto, and I need to know what chip that I should read???
The following photo shows the ECU that I need to immo off.
Someone told me that I can read it by BDM100 or PIASINI.
Someone guest me I have a me73h4 ECU. I can read it many ways.
Here is a diagram how to read flash he made, he use galleto v54 for it. It always works well.
Then I ordered one v54 fgtech galletto 4 master, use your galetto on car list
pin 20 = gnd
pin = +12 v
pin 53 = kline ( green wire in galletto)
I can read fiat me7.3 as ferrari me7.3 or alfa me7.3 by using ME 73H4. but this ECU is for fiat and it is not on the car driver list of fgtech galletto v54,according to galletto list, the fiat punto 1.2 16v is not on the list . there is just the photo of the ECU. I have to select the car and model so i can read. and there is no other car that has the same ECU .