Key and TPMS Programming on SC430 via Techstream TIS

Bought the MINI VCI for Toyota Techstream package fro for low cost to do key & TMPS programming on my LEXUS SC430 2012. But as I haven’t seen many posts on using this tool for the SC430, here I post this for sharing.
MINI VCI OEM Diagnostic Cable for Toyota

MINI VCI for TOYOTA TIS Techstream Diagnostic Cable & Software

The installation:
1. Windows XP is easier
2. Windows 7 should work also.
3. Install VCI Drivers (USB Cable/OBDII adabter)
4. Install Mongoose Drivers (Emulation of the OEM recommended adapter)
5. Intall TechStream TIS
Works great to register/unregister keys, check and register TPMS sensors and run an overall OBD sensor health check on the car.


This mini vci cable is 22 pin, and no issues on compatibility so far.