How MINI VCI cable for TOYOTA Techstream Customize Car Setting?

It’s a pity that seems many people don’t know MINI VCI cable for TOYOTA TIS Techstream can support Toyota car customization! How MINI VCI cable with Techstream customizes car setting? This blog will show you.

Take TOYOTA TIS Techstream V8.00.34 and 2013 Scion FR-S as an example. General speaking, different Techstream versions and car models have similar operations.

First, use Xhorse MINI VCI cable to connect computer (OS recommended: Windows XP 32bit) to the car OBD2 port. Start Techstream and depress the brake pedal and press the cars power button. It will pop up the VIN information.


Next, just click “Customize Setting”


And there is a customize function menu, you will see the settings you can customize


Then, each setting has many options, you can customize you own setting now.

Such as choose “Wireless Door Lock”, you can turn the wireless Autolock off, adjust the wireless buzzer volume, set the trunk unlock to a double tap instead of a long press, etc.


Choose “Warning”, you can shut off the passenger side seatbelt warning buzzer, etc.


Choose “Air Condition”, you can adjust temperature.


Choose “Illuminated Entry”, it will allow you change interior lighting and so on.


Choose “Light Control”, you can shut off DRL; adjust the sensitivity of the auto headlights to come on when it’s darker or lighter out.


Hope this blog is helpful and clear to you. The screenshots showing are just part of customization settings. why not give it a go to do more? This OEM MINI VCI cable is with TIS Techstream V10.30.029 and newest firmware V2.0.4, support IMMO Reset and Customization, VPW protocol.

It only cost you €24!