Latest Xhorse Key Reader Decode Aluminum/Plastic/Metal Key Guide

The latest Xhorse Key Reader/Decoder supports Aluminum/Plastic/Metal key decoding! Working with Panda/Xhorse Condor/Dolphin series key cutting machine, you can get key bitting in one-click.

Before, to cut Aluminum or plastic keys, you have to get key bitting first (by LISHI Decoder, picture decoding on Xhorse App etc.); besides, it’s easy to break the probe and the cutter and the key cut is not perfect.
Now, the little key reader gives you accurate identification of key bitting in one-click.

Let me show you some examples.

Decode Fiat SIP22 key
Path: Optical Identification>>Fiat>>[All key blank]>>SIP22>>Identification
Put the key into the coil and click on “identification”.
Xhorse Blade Skimmer

Then click on “Cutting Key” to connect key cutting machine.

Decode Aluminum/plastic key
Decode Aluminum/plastic keyXhorse Blade Skimmer

Decode HU162T key (mainly for VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda…)
Decode HU162T key

How Xhorse Key Reader duplicate a key with Condor XC-Mini II?
On screen, press
Car Key>>Key blank>>HU66>>HU66 (NO.31)>>Advanced cutting>>Optical Device
Press the key reader’s button and insert the key you want to copy.

Press “Start to identify”.
It takes only a few seconds to identify.
Then it will display the identification result and detail.

Check the clamp and press “Start cutting”.

Tighten the key on the clamp and click on “Start cutting” and “Cut”.
Put down the cover and wait for key cutting.
Within seconds we’ve got a copy.

Alright, that’s how Xhorse Key Reader decodes Aluminum/plastic/metal key.

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