Xhorse Key Cutting Machine Clamp Function List (M1-M5)

Xhorse key cutting machine can duplicate and cut different key blades by changing clamps. Clamp M1 & M2 are included in standard package. You can enlarge blade coverage by optional purchases of Clamp M3, M4 and M5 coming soon.

Let’s see what keys they can deal with:

Clamp Name Price Machine Working With Supported Type Key Image
Original Xhorse M1 Clamp Clamp M1
(Included in package)
154$ Dolphin XP005
Condor XC-Mini Plus
Standard Single/double sided key Standard Single/double sided key
Original Xhorse M2 Clamp Clamp M2
(Inculded in package)
129$ Dolphin XP005
Condor XC-Mini Plus
4 Track external
2 Track external
4 Track internal
Channel track
Dimple key
Original Xhorse M3 Clamp Clamp M3
(Optional Purchase)
147$ Dolphin XP005
Condor XC-Mini Plus
Ford Tibbe key
Citroen SX09 key
Original Xhorse M4 Clamp Clamp M4
(Optional Purchase)
112$ Dolphin XP005
Condor XC-Mini Plus
Single/double sided key
Crucifix key
Clmap M5
(Coming Soon)
Uncertain Dolphin XP005
Condor XC-Mini Plus
Clamp M1+M2

1. Xhorse key cutting machine doesn’t support Aluminum or plasticky duplication, but it can cut Aluminum and plastic key if user gets blade tooth number by other tools.
2. Xhorse key cutting machine cannot cut key blade with holes or dotted key blade.

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