How Key Tool Plus Peugeot 208 Cut&Program Key with Dolphin XP005?

Today we’re gonna bring you another successful case of cutting and adding a spare key for Peugeot 208 by Xhorse Dolphin XP-005 and VVDI Key Tool Plus.

1. Key Cutting
Bind XP005 key cutting machine to Key Tool Plus in advance.
On VVDI Key Tool Plus, select
Cutting key>>Peugeot>>208>>HU83
Then the machine will tell us to choose M2-A clamp and 2.5mm cutter.
vvdi key tool plus

Install the original key and select “Decode key” for key learning.
(Note: Dolphin XP005 supports cutting but not learning for plastic key and aluminum key)
Then we install XEDS01EN VVDI key and select “Start cutting”.
dolphin xp005

Within seconds, we’ve got the new key’s blade.

2. Remote programming
Connect VVDI Key Tool Plus to OBD port by main cable.
On Homepage, select
Remote Program>>Peugeot>>208>>208(2012-2018)FSK
Insert VVDI Super Remote into the coil and select “Generate” (Here we choose XEDS01EN).
Burn Success.

3. Immo Programming
Back to Homepage, select
Immo Programming>>Peugeot>>Password reading>>Type 1 CAN>>Start Programming>>IMMO password reading

Insert the original key into the ignition.
Watch and follow instructions:
This function will cause wiper to move
Turn on the double flash indicator
Open then close the driver's door once.
Turn off then turn on the ignition within 15 seconds.
The original one was programmed successfully.

Then insert the new VVDI key to turn on the ignition.
Program success, press “NO” to exit.

Done! Simple and nice!
That’s how we use Condor Dolphin XP-005 to learn and cut key blade, VVDI Key Tool Pad to program a new key with VVDI super remote key.

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