Launch X431 IMMO Elite Review: Awesome Tool to Diagnose and Program Key

Launch X431 IMMO Elite is an all in one tool covering IMMO key programming, OE-level all systems diagnosis and 39+ reset services. Here are some real customer reviews from the users who have bought and used for a while. It’s perfect to diagnose, program key, read check engine lights and more in different cars.


Review 1: It’s an excellent buy

I bought this product in order to program the keys for BMW X5 2013 and it worked very well for me. I recommend this X431 immo elite key programmer because it has many important functions that identify damage to the car. Nowadays we need a product that will help us prevent and not correct. He did a complete diagnosis of the car’s system and I was able to see what the whole system was like, and above all, it has many more functions than if I sat down to write them it wouldn’t finish.

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Review 2: Nice product. Good quality.

I have several brand name diagnostic and key programmers and know one thing that everyone of them lacks quite a few models and cars. None of them covers every vehicle. But this X431 IMMO Elite is good high quality compared with the rest I own. Just remember there is no computer on the planet which covers every make and model and every function.


Review 3: Very quick delivery and good product

I’m a DIY mechanic and need to read check engine lights from time to time. This launch immo and scanner in one tool is perfect because it’s small and easy to use. It comes in a nice storage case so I can keep in my trunk for when I need it.


Review 4: The All in one diag/key programmer scan tool out there!

So like many technicians I hoard tools because I always want to stay current on the new gadgets out there. At my current job we were looking for an efficient and cheaper way to get keys programmed and i found this gem! Easy to copy keys and program keys! Was successful in copying keys and also was able to program brand new keys when all keys were lost. Awesome tool for technicians that diagnose and cut and program keys. Also there customer service response time is awesome!


Review 5: Pricey but Great diagnostic tool!

Excellent tool for diagnostic and immobilizer functions!

I’ve bought several hundred dollar diagnostics in the past and often can’t program the keys, only simple diagnostics such as read and clear codes. Then I met this all in one scan tool. First I used the same ets fault reset on a bmw ets code when it is idle.


The dealer was going to charge me $200+ just to diagnose the system when all that was needed was a new throttle and a code reset! Everything works properly now. The important thing, it can program almost all keys and key fobs for any car.

I was successfully able to perform an “all keys lost” and program new replacement keys for my car. The x-prog 3 work with the x431 immo elite was able to go online with the vehicle’s computer and programmed the keys. Next, I was able to use it on my parents’ 2009 Honda Civic to read and write on EEPROM chips which allows me to clear the ABS codes and bleeding and reset hard Airbag codes. Excellent scanner and programmer!


Review 6: Best All in 1 HANDS DOWN

The absolute perfect All In One Diagnostic Tool that comes complete with programming functions! I am the manager of an auto body shop here in South Florida and often in my line of business encounter customers whom inquire about anti-theft so after so many questions asked I decided to give a look into it. Now after tons of research and looking I decided on this one for purchase! The reasoning behind me purchasing this specific scanner is because it can not only reprogram keys, it does maintenance functions, sets vehicle parameters, and diagnoses the full system/fault conditions with 10 full OBD2 10 functions. I was able to replace and reprogram the VIN module in a 2008 Chrysler Town and Country (would also apply to same year/generation Dodge Caravan). Second test for the system was programming keys I was able to do the fobs for a 2009 F-150, 2006 Mazda RX8 and 2005 Acura TL. It also work ma great for new module set up with the ability to retrieve most key codes. I have also coded a few BMW modules as well, CAS keys with no issue. The Launch X431 IMMO Elite immediately read the PIN code from the SKIM module when I tested out the PIN retrieval feature for my employees Dodge Ram 1500. It also successfully read the security codes for a number of Ford trucks I have at work. It comes with a browser for checking YouTube and the online forums to help whilst diagnosing plus online feedback in the software for solutions to problems. The One-stop Info Center includes vehicle repair information and latest updates and it can be updated for more functions at any time. As a full system diagnostic and complete key programming tool, the price matched with all the features is beyond fantastic!


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