Lonsdor K518 Pro/K518 Series Update Hyundai & KIA Immobilizer (2023- )

Lonsdor K518 Pro/K518ISE/K518S updated Hyundai & KIA Immobilizer car models on Nov.14, 2023. Check the update details below and update your device online.

lonsdor k518 pro update hyundai kia immo

Update Info:


Sonata (DN8) 2023-Smart key

Sonata Hybrid (DN8 HEV) 2023-Smart key

Kona (OS) 2022-Smart key

Kona Electric (OS EV) 2022-Smart key

Tucson (TL) 2021-Smart key

Tucson (NX4) 2023-Smart key

Tucson (NX4A) 2023-Smart key

Tucson Hybrid (NX4 HEV) 2022-Smart key

Santafe (TMA) 2023-Smart key

Santa Cruz (NX4A OB) 2023-Smart key

Santafe HYBRID (TM HEV) 2023-Smart key

VENUE (OX) 2023-Smart key

Veloster (JS) 2021-Smart key

Veloster N (JSN) 2022-Smart key



Cadenza (YG) 2021-Smart key

Carnival (KA4) 2022-Smart key

EV6 (CV) 2022-Smart key

Forte (BD) 2022-Smart key

K5DL3A) 2020-Smart key

Niro (DE EV) 2022-Smart key

Niro (DE HEV) 2022-Smart key

Niro (SG2 EV) 2023-Smart key

Niro (SG2 PHEV) 2023-Smart key

Rio (SC) 2023-Smart key

Seltos (SP2) 2020-Smart key

Sorento (MO4A) 2022Smart key

Sorento PHEV (MO4 HEV) 2022-Smart key

Soul (SK3) 2022-Smart key

Soul EV (SK3 EV) 2022-Smart key

Sportage (NO5) 2023-Smart key

Sportage (NQ5A) 2023-Smart key

Sportage (OL) 2022 Smart key

Sportage PHEV (NO5 HEV) 2023-Smart key

Stinger (CK) 2022 Smart key

Telluride (ON) 2020-Smart key


Q: Does K518 Pro support pin reading by OBD for these Hyundai & Kia models?

A: Support part, not all support. You’d better enter the “Read PIN code” function on the device menu to check.

lonsdor k518 pro update hyundai kia immo 2

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